It’s gonna be…  

First, I would like to thank for this who offered me for a lifetime opportunity to share my thoughts and story just to express than to lean others beside me, I choose to penned whatever runs to my nerves. Second, to those who visited my page if there is only?  And I don’t really care for the reactions behind. It’s all fine with me.  Third, to my significant other who lovingly gave me a reason for everything in life,  gave me the subject of his name  and giving me will. It’s gonna be… 

Now lemme lay on the sheet,  I’m on my quiescent thinking and started to work lol. My routine is trying to cope up what’s literally missing out on me though I already know it,  (don’t judge me ✌ I am just so stupid that much 😂) Yes!  But for the good and for the bad. What I am trying to burst it out now is… The more we were not,  the more I feel it deeply  (tinkled pink). I was and I’m always continue dreaming for what we’ve been dreaming those days and I  feel the same and it’s getting more. No place of forgetting single of him like from my hair follicles to my tip toe all of that runs naturally and the butterflies keep on flying around. So how?  Sounded hard. It’s not a matter of… But it matters to me… In ,  there is and there will be…  

It seems there’s no point but I am sure I have my point that you cannot point it out to get it… It’s really complicated to understand.Grrr! 😁 

To be continued… 

Later. Good night everyone! ⭐⭐⭐


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