Goodnight Lullaby

It’s rainy night atmosphere, hearing drops are not rare to my ear. I actually wrote a lot since the day was started.  Yes!  I used to talked on sheets and marked it with my words. I am happy doing that, I mean at least I feel little relieved. I may sounds the weirdest being in this world because I acted beyond normal. Or this is just an affect of huge impact?  If you know me,  then you must probably know. Some personalized important thingy I mean a part of this story must gone due to their reasonable reasons and users cannot do anything instead should be respected and being thankful at least I enjoyed it in short span of time. And I can assure one thing to keep it until my last kick. Since I almost  done from my diary then I came here, sounds not contented expressing there.  LOL!  Enough for now… Goodnight lullaby. 


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